Starter’s Guide: Putting words to what you feel


Not knowing how to communicate what you’re feeling can be frustrating and lead to conflict in relationships.

But before you can communicate what you’re feeling, you have to know what you’re feeling. Easy enough, right? Nope. This doesn’t come easy to most (you thought it was just you, huh?)

Your experiences can feel confusing, overwhelming and even void of joy when emotional awareness is new to you.

This guide meets you in your desire to build emotional awareness for the purpose of having more fulfilling relationships. What would change if you could identify and put words to what you feel?

Simplify how to approach emotions that feel complicated 🙃 Inside, we focus on three simple processes that allow you to begin to understand what you feel and learn to communicate the process.

In this easy-to-digest 6-page ebook, discover the basics plus:

  • 3 strategies for building emotional awareness in your body
  • Ways to increase attunement for when an emotion arises
  • Examples for increasing intimacy in your relationships through communicating emotion (even when you’re not sure how you’re feeling!)
  • My simple 5-step process that takes you from confused to clarity on how you are feeling

Each process is designed so you can apply the bite-size emotional awareness strategy right away, while also practicing healthy communication. Growing your relationship with yourself directly influences your relationship with others 👇🏽

Plus… it’s only $9 🤗


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