Interrupt the Shame Spiral After Sexual Trauma


Have you ever been taken off guard by shame? With harsh words from someone or from yourself, you find yourself spiraling deeper into shame. Guilt and shame are friends but show up differently. Guilt says, “I did something I’m not proud of.” Shame says, “I am someone I can’t be proud of”. Everyone has their own version of what this sounds like for them. For women who have experienced sexual trauma, shame can get loud after a trigger, when communicating a piece of your story or when impact rears its head.

Shame can sound like:

  • I’m not enough
  • I’m too broken or I’m too X
  • I’ll never be X…
  • God could never love me because X…

Shame feels like:

  • not wanting to be seen and unable to make eye contact
  • curled up in the fetal position
  • worthlessness without hope
  • hiding

Inside this bundle, you will learn how to interrupt a shame spiral by:

  • Determine shame spiral thoughts you resonate with AND their antidotes
  • Step deeper into validation of your experiences
  • Reflect on how shame patterns show up in your life
  • Put words to your thoughts, body sensations, emotions and responses when shame is occurring
  • Combine awareness with action by crafting your own Shame Stopper Phrase
  • Reconnecting to faith in a way that tenderly invites God into your shame (is the God you’ve heard about gentle, understanding and grace-filled? I hope so. Check out this blog post for more!)

This bundle includes:

  • 1 teaching video
  • 1 extended-learning activity



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