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After becoming a mom at 16 years old, I had a prominent message running through my head, “You’re too young”. This phrase was LOUD and overwhelming. Honestly, I was exhausted holding the tension of believing that God had a purpose for my life with the seemingly contrasted heavy burden of loneliness, depression and lack of confidence in my new role as mom. This dark season felt void of purpose. One thing remained constant –– my mentors never gave up meeting with me. 

What I couldn’t notice then, was that this dark period was where I was developing a dependence on God. He opened my eyes to awareness that I wasn’t the only one experiencing painful loneliness. In fact, when I lifted my eyes off myself, the lack of community was immense, especially for young moms. I remember one night, a mentor urged me to start a moms group for women in a similar situation. It was confirmation of a thought I’d had 100 times over. From that extra spark of encouragement, I took steps of boldness and said ‘yes’ to whatever God had ahead. What started as building community for myself transformed into a local ministry for young moms that didn’t feel like they fit in anywhere else. 

You know that lie of being too young? It sat deeply as I began this journey of ministry building. And I believed it. Deafeningly so when it came to coaching and pouring into other moms. But for every voice that uttered that statement over my calling, there were three louder ones speaking life from the front row. I’ve been fortunate to have many people pour into me from a young age. Support from my mom through encouragement. Listening ears from older women in my church. Youth leaders with a willingness to challenge. Mentors who sowed in a love of prayer, scripture and holy spirit awareness. All of these people looked at my story and didn’t see the end. They emboldened me to gather women in my life – women that saw no glimpse of hope – and invest generously. Invest in their stories and giftings, listen to their desires and hurts and everything in between. After all, how was I supposed to connect to deep pain if God hadn’t allowed my dark period?

Graciously, God put people that pour lavish portions of time into my life and it enlivens me as I connect with women in celebration and mourning. Eventually, that lie dimmed. And not just because I got older. Speaking it aloud to someone diminished it’s paralyzing grip. And when the distraction was gone, it made space for purpose to be illuminated –– propelling women into boldness through the Holy Spirit’s leading.

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Training & Experience

For 10 years, I’ve listened to stories and pointed to hope. All the things that make people feel uncomfortable and change the subject, I lean in. Those are the exact areas that make up who you are and where you’ll go. Through my own, ongoing, healing journey accompanied by extensive training, you can expect an authentic approach to our sessions. Hopeful, practical and insightful every time.

Transformative Coaching Methods Certification
Relationship, Betrayal & Trauma Coaching methods
Relationships + Conflict Transformaton

I spent 6 years doing consent and healthy relationship workshops and group coaching.

Full Strength Network exists to help ministry leaders and their families discover full strength in wellbeing in areas like richer spiritual health, deeper relationships, and increased leadership capacity. 

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Leadership Coaching

Currently, I also work for Marlow that equips managers with essential skills to become excellent leaders in their workplaces through coaching.

I'm a Coach for Full Strength Network