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You made it!

If no one has told you recently…

…experiencing freedom from those constant feelings that steal from connection is possible (yes, even the triggers that come from trauma).
I don’t believe there’s anything you have done or that has been done to you that God won’t use to bring about your freedom. 
Friend, wherever you are at in your faith, it’s okay to be there. Pain and faith can be a confusing mix. Sometimes our greatest sorrows & shock are just the misfit pieces God uses to make the mosaic of our lives more colorful.
He’s done it in my story – turned despair into hope and brokenness into redemption.
I’ve worked with hundreds of men and women who started out just wanting to feel more confident. But in our work together, they rediscover themselves through the lens of Jesus and begin to show up with more authenticity and compassion. When this happens, triggers, long-time patterns and stuck feelings begin to dissipate. That’s possible for you, too.
When you work with me, we’ll identify the pitfalls that keep you trapped in behaviors with roots to the past, like: people-pleasing, perfectionism, and overthinking.
Uprooting feelings of insecurity and constant fear open you up to have meaningful, life-giving relationships full of trust. AKA, actually enjoying your relationships instead of analyzing them or molding yourself into who you think they want you to be.
Are you ready to gain back your peace of mind & create unwavering confidence 
(even in moments where fear is the loudest)?
Book a free 45-minute Connection Call now 👇🏾

What to expect:

In this 45-minute connection call, you will gain clarity on the most important areas to focus on based on your desired outcome.
  • You will have a chance to share the highlights of where you are now and where you want to be
  • Then, we will narrow in on a specific piece we can work through together (to give you an idea of what working together will be like)
  • We’ll discuss my recommended next step for you based on what you shared
By the end, you will have a personalized roadmap leading to what you want most (and you’ll see how it’s totally attainable to get there!).
➕ PLUS my clients say this call brings restored hope and peace!

When clients work with me, this happens:

  • Diana strengthened trust for herself which interrupted a longtime pattern of striving for her worth.
  • Jesu stepped into healing and forgiveness, equipped with new mindsets so she could show up in relationships with authenticity.
  • Bruce tried new approaches to relationship building that increased connection and decreased conflict in his workplace and personal relationships.
  • Todd learned to recognize self-judgment and how to shift into empathy for himself & others.
  • Robyn overcame the anxiety around difficult conversations and stepped into a new confidence to advocate for her needs.
  • Kerry broke the cycle of recurring burnout allowing her to feel more engaged with her daughter and fulfilled in the work she does.
With intentionality & support, meaningful relationships become the norm.

Working with Me 1:1

In this 4-month one-on-one program, you will receive personalized support to heal practically AND spiritually from the pain in your past.
This Package Includes
  • Eight 60-minute sessions (every 2 weeks)
  • Access to Taryn via email in between sessions
$1500 (payment plan available!)


My passion is reconnecting you to your story. Your patterns, quirks, the things that make you feel loved (and unloved)– they all come together to create your unique blueprint. With this forefront, your desires for the relationships in your life become attainable!
As we explore practical AND spiritual healing, here’s what I bring to our sessions:
  • I trust that the Holy Spirit works in me as I guide our time AND the Holy Spirit works in you to uncover hidden insights as you make time to reflect.
  • I know our God heals and redeems the parts of your story that leave you wondering if you’ll ever be the same. His Spirit moves to bring transformation AND He has given practical methods in scripture that empower you to take an active part in your healing journey.
  • I believe He gave YOU the discernment you need to move forward, but along the way it started to feel less clear – so we’ll work together until you can trust your judgment again. Building self-trust goes hand in hand with understanding God’s character as trustworthy (a journey we’re all on!).
  • I don’t rush you. I include faith as much as you want to – in your way, at your pace. Jesus never rushes, His heart for you is kind, patient and tender.
As a coach, my role is to lead a productive process so you can begin to untangle your thoughts and find clarity. Clarity = hope.  Hope is illuminated as you explore what’s important to you and find vision for who you want to become. This can look like:
– identifying barriers and limiting beliefs
– setting intentional actions for how to overcome obstacles
– discovering what’s actually important to you
– making a big decision
– navigating a life transition
Coaching is a process. You are the solution.

Is this you?

Working with me requires:
  • Humility
  • Honesty
  • Willingness to be challenged
  • A desire to go beneath the surface
  • You to show up and practice what you’re learning

I want you to make the best decision for your current needs and future desires. And the truth is, you won’t know if this is right for you until we talk. Book a time with me now and take your next step into growth.
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Hey there,

Hi, I’m Taryn and I’m so glad you’re here! I’m a community activator, Jesus-following, latte-loving, relationship coach! I specialize in propelling people, like you, to take bold steps toward life on purpose. Lay down hustling or striving for your worth. Pick up these truths: relationships can be hard but also LIFE-GIVING, your presence does influence each person in your circle, your relationships can have the depth you crave. I won’t lead where I haven’t been. It’s my passion to propel YOU into deeper awareness where barriers become conquerable and relational desires seem achievable.