Relearning to Trust


After multiple mistreatments by people that should have been trustworthy, skepticism set in and cynicism became my hard-hearted anthem. But the biggest (yet most subtle) shift that happened was I no longer trusted myself. How could I have been so wrong? If I was wrong about this person that seemed so safe, my radar on people must be jammed 🧭

Trust is severely impacted by violations, trauma and betrayal. Trust for ourselves and for others. We didn’t choose it, it just happened as an ugly result of human brokenness. Now awareness is attuned across all relationships and walls that didn’t exist before have become permanent and impenetrable. Those gut instincts, although heightened, have protected us at times. Now, the next step toward freedom is to thank your brain 🧠  for kicking into overdrive so often to protect you. 


And then, inside this 8-page (Re)learning to Trust workbook, you’ll:

  • understand the baseline for how you currently approach trust
  • explore 5 questions for clarity on what trust for self and others currently looks like
  • identify trust builders and breakers in your story
  • discover a template to reflect on how you respond to perceived threats, then uproot unhelpful response patterns
  • map out past mistrust responses to uncover the key to future healing
  • 4 ways to practice safety-testing in low-risk ways
  • notice how trust impacts faith
  • PLUS crucial next steps to help you maintain momentum toward continued self-trust

These exact steps helped me build trust for myself while simultaneously building trust for others. This is the SAME process I walk my clients through when they want to do work around trust-building. I turned it into a self-guided safety tour just for you to experience how relearning to trust will also increase overall relationship intimacy and satisfaction.

I know it will bring you new insight, friend. Let’s meet where you’re at; you don’t  have to know all these self-coaching questions right away, that’s okay. It’s a learning process, not a task to check off ✅

You have the potential to rebuild your trust from your small investment in this workbook. Add the guide to your cart now, and start deepening your relationships today.


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