Getting Started With Forgiveness


You know that feeling. You’re not sure you can keep up with the cyclical process of forgiving someone who deeply hurt you. With each new interaction, you feel stuck in resentment, bitterness and anger. Or maybe, you thought you had forgiven and here it is again. The thing about resentment is that it often lurks in the shadows of our minds. It’s not something we’re intentionally feeding. One triggering statement or behavior occurs and you’re questioning trust all over again. Believe me friend, I SO get it.

Maintain your momentum by taking the next step!

With this self-paced beginner’s guide, I take the guesswork out of where to start. Save time wondering what the first step is. I’m giving you what I wish I would have had.
  • 5 questions to get clarity around how unforgiveness has power in your life and focus in on your current barriers
  • Debunk 10 forgiveness myths that have held you back (take the quiz below to see which ones you’ve been believing!) 👇🏽
  • Infused encouragement and hope into your forgiveness journey
  • Discover the 🗝️ key ingredient that unlocks the gate to consistent forgiveness
  • Trace thoughts that feed bitterness so you can practice a NEW pattern that feeds forgiveness
  • Uncover practical ideas for next steps that are easy to implement and remember for those moments when forgiveness feels hard
  • How to embrace forgiveness as a process, not a destination.

+ Ideas for ongoing support!

Add this thought-transforming 15-page guide to your order now for just $14!

** PDF is fillable so you can complete activities directly on the guide!

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What held me back from extending forgiveness were numerous thoughts that made me feel like I had more control when I withheld. Harboring unforgiveness left my relationship in shambles, me resentful and the hurt I originally experienced from this person I loved – unhealed.

I just have one question: Do their actions have a lasting impact on you? 

If the answer is “yes”…

If you want to foster ongoing forgiveness for someone who you want to maintain a relationship with, this guidebook is for you. If you’re willing to invest time and heart, within these pages, you’ll find clarity. And clarity? That brings HOPE.


What price tag would you put on restoration?

Choosing forgiveness doesn’t make the hurt go away, it just puts you in charge of the hurt. So hop into the front seat and take back control over the hurt that has felt consuming.

Healing IS possible. I know from experience. 

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