If no one’s told you they’re proud of you for choosing to heal, tuck this in your pocket: I’m so proud of you for choosing what’s hard over what’s easy. It’s a decision that will impact more than just you.

Embracing your story and seeking continued healing is a multi-layered process. And if you’ve ever taken steps toward healing, you know that it’s not easy to maintain momentum. Because momentum looks like doing the hard work of tracing current patterns into your past and uprooting them with grace and consistency. But friend, you’re prepared for just. this. moment. Let’s journey together into what makes it SO hard to keep momentum in healing AND how to take small steps often without burnout.

Acknowledging your story as one that caused rippling impact. 

What makes healing so hard??

With trauma (any kind) acknowledging that the event has continued impact on you and your relationships is a tough reality to swallow. This can be one of the most difficult parts of healing because it’s ongoing. So instead of moving toward wholeness, it’s easier to:

1. Avoid the facts altogether and continue dismissing the event(s) as significant.

2. Get caught in a loop of “that shouldn’t be a big deal so I need to get over it” mentality. This quickly turns into a ‘try harder’ mentality with only you to blame for not being able to heal quicker.

3. Numb out impact because I’ve “moved on from” or am “stronger” than what happened. Yet life holds less joy and trust for others.

4. Recognize what happened as not okay. But find it hard to maintain that belief when impact shows up. Shame keeps validation at bay.

Friend, which cycle do you find yourself in? I’ve been in ALL of them — on loop. I know just how hard acknowledging harm is. And then validating that people had capacity for deep harm can be an impossible place to go without becoming bitter. If bitterness is where you find yourself, it’s okay to be there — you just don’t have to stay there. It’s not life-giving for YOU and it’s oh so easy to stay there and then not know how to break out of the comfort of unforgiveness.

I want to maintain momentum in healing 

To go deeper into healing, here’s a few areas to consider…

– Who is on this journey with you? Please don’t heal alone. Others soften your edges, challenge your perspectives and remind you of truth when you can’t find it. Essentials to healing! If you don’t have someone like that in your life, schedule with me here and it would be my honor to journey with you.

– Where do you get stuck most often? Consider the numbered list above of validation and where you fall. What keeps you there?

– What comforts do you turn to when healing gets hard? Coping isn’t bad. They are flashing lights for where you can extend grace and choose different. And all information is helpful for growth!

– Do you know your triggers? I always say triggers point to areas begging to be healed. They’re the single-most informative indicator we have for how to step into deeper healing. Identifying and navigating triggers are a passion of mine you can dig deeper into here.

What does healing bring? The answer on the tip of my tongue is peace and freedom. We were created for MORE than passing hurt around. You were made to heal from hurt and ripple new healthy patterns into your relationships.

For guided steps deeper into validating and embracing your story, join the three day email mini-series ALL. ABOUT. Gaining momentum for healing.

For three days, you can expect to do a mini deep dive into how to identify your roadblock to healing and how to disrupt that barrier. It will include:

Day 1: Identify your biggest barrier to feeling stuck in healing
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Day 3: Your resource for identifying your patterns of response to triggers
I won’t ask you if you’re in because you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to see a breakthrough in your healing journey. And of course, I’m here for you. As a Communication and Relationships Coach, let me be a resource. Don’t heal alone, we can walk through any piece together! Start a chat with me by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of this screen 😊

Where to next?

Strengthen Trust
I want to learn how to build trust for myself and for others (my partner).
This would propel my relationships toward intimacy.
Navigating & Recognizing Triggers
I want to identify my triggers and explore new ways to move through -- not stuff down.
This would give me deeper self understanding for healing.
Practice Communication
I want to strengthen my ability to communicate my experiences and emotions.
This would provide fueled awareness & connection.


Navigate your trauma with consistency AND increase trigger awareness!

Join the Three Day Maintaining Healing Momentum Email Mini-Series!

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