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Change the way you approach conflict in 6 steps

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What's Inside?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “You don’t know what you don’t know”. How could you know how to handle conflict any differently than what you’ve done, seen, or experienced?

When you start to wonder if there is a different way, it’s usually because you’re desperate. You are fed up with having the same arguments with no resolution. You are frustrated with the outcome being the same regardless of how much you discussed the issue. When emotions run high and damage happens, how do you begin to build back trust? How do you change the way you approach conflict?

Change the way you approach conflict!

This guide will walk you through how to make small adjustments that interrupt unhealthy tendencies and point to a more hopeful way to ‘do’ conflict.

  • Create your tailored strengths and gaps roadmap for growing in communication
  • 6 steps that pave the path for a healthier conflict process (with examples!)
  • Challenges to reflect and take action in your own life
  • + 3 bonuses that support your relationship connection before, during, and after conflict!

. . .  and more.


Change the way you approach conflict in 6 steps

I created this workbook with you in mind because I’ve been there. Stuck in the cycle, not knowing how to do anything different than what I had tried, yet desiring different outcomes. I’ve longed to see a shift in my relationships without knowing how to grasp the closeness. And yes, I’ve fought, withdrawn and stayed bitter because when it got heated, getting what I wanted was more important than the person I loved in front of me.


I have put intentional effort into learning and developing my effective communication skills to transform my relationships and you can too! Here’s what I’ve seen in my own life.


  • Small communication shifts often lead to longer-lasting impact than changing all at once.
  • Your relationship isn’t doomed because tension and disunity showed up.
  • Conflict has the opportunity to strengthen your relationship AND get an outcome you both want


Do you believe it’s possible for you, too? You’re here, wanting to learn something new; you’re ready for change. 

Let’s do this together.

It's lovely to meet you!

This guide is jam packed with nuggets of wisdom, hard learned and fought for. It also leans on my expertise in the conflict transformation field for the better part of the last decade. As a Relationships and Communication Coach, I’ve adapted and developed proven strategies to fit your needs!


Nope! When I say “relationships” hear all relationships. This process serves workplace, family, friendship and community relationships in your life.

Common Reasons for Disagreements

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