3 Ways to Move from Fog/Freeze to Freedom

How to Move from Fog/Freeze to Freedom My definition for a trigger is tender areas begging to be healed. Learning your triggers directly equips you to disrupt the pattern of avoiding closeness or needing instant connection to feel close to someone; AKA intimacy killers. Trigger awareness opens the gateway for immense self-awareness that will impact […]

Maintain Momentum

If no one’s told you they’re proud of you for choosing to heal, tuck this in your pocket: I’m so proud of you for choosing what’s hard over what’s easy. It’s a decision that will impact more than just you. Embracing your story and seeking continued healing is a multi-layered process. And if you’ve ever […]

Identifying & Navigating Sexual Triggers

Once you identify your triggers there can be a hyper-awareness phase that follows. In this phase, triggers can feel overwhelming with no easy ways of deescalating them. I have been in this exact situation many times where something from my past resurfaces. In that moment, my body is vibrating with anxiety, my mind unable to […]

Trust After Trauma

I didn’t trust a soul. How could I when someone that should have been trustworthy to the core betrayed that trust? When trust is broken, everything inside gets confused and off-set. For years, the constant narrative that ran through my head was “men are trash”. Harsh right? In my mind, however, it was a simple fact. […]

Does God Care About My Trauma?

Trauma resurfaced and bitterness took over my thoughts. I remember praying, God I know you’re good, but you didn’t seem good in those dark moments when trauma took root through assault”. How do I reconcile my feelings of being left alone and forever changed, contrasted with God’s character which I know to be near and […]

Sharing Your Trauma Triggers with Your Partner

My hunch is you’re here because you realized your past may be impacting your present. What happened to you wasn’t okay, it was a big deal and it matters. I don’t know why it happened. What I do know is…

Well… That Didn’t Go Well

When your hurt isn’t help with compassion, how do you lean into your relationship while processing the invalidation?

Help! I’m Afraid of Intimacy

I was single for 4 years after my daughter’s dad left to go to college when we were both 17. To say I had a fear of being left is an understatement. Not just being left, but being abandoned. For the first 4 years after her dad, I bounced between being content and being afraid […]