Maintain Momentum

If no one’s told you they’re proud of you for choosing to heal, tuck this in your pocket: I’m so proud of you for choosing what’s hard over what’s easy. It’s a decision that will impact more than just you. Embracing your story and seeking continued healing is a multi-layered process. And if you’ve ever […]

Does God Care About My Trauma?

Trauma resurfaced and bitterness took over my thoughts. I remember praying, God I know you’re good, but you didn’t seem good in those dark moments when trauma took root through assault”. How do I reconcile my feelings of being left alone and forever changed, contrasted with God’s character which I know to be near and […]

Sharing Your Trauma Triggers with Your Partner

My hunch is you’re here because you realized your past may be impacting your present. What happened to you wasn’t okay, it was a big deal and it matters. I don’t know why it happened. What I do know is…

Setting New Year’s Resolutions

Setting New Year resolutions with one word

Get Your Free Guide Setting New Year Resolutions Sticking to Year-Long Goals with One Word Setting new year resolutions has always been an exciting time of year for me. Extravagantly mapping out desires for different categories, vision boarding and writing down all the areas where I’d like to grow — I’ve tried all the methods […]

5 Life-Changing Books

Reading hasn’t always been something I’ve enjoyed. Funny enough, some of my most pivotal moments have come from being inspired by someone else’s journey.  Each book on this list played an integral role in shifting my perspective in one of these ways: Propelling me to love people more wildly Guiding me to deeper self-awareness Challenging […]