Reading hasn’t always been something I’ve enjoyed. Funny enough, some of my most pivotal moments have come from being inspired by someone else’s journey. 

Each book on this list played an integral role in shifting my perspective in one of these ways:

  1. Propelling me to love people more wildly
  2. Guiding me to deeper self-awareness
  3. Challenging me to apply new learning in my life for growth


So keep scrolling to learn about how each of these books changed my life and what they can do for you. You, too, can deepen your relationship with self and others, break hindering patterns and live life more freely!

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Tattoos on the heart

by Gregory Boyle

This is my all time favorite book. It took me a year to get through it for the sole reason that I didn’t want it to end. After each chapter, I was left dumbfounded at Greg’s experiences of walking in faith in a way that left remarkably profound marks on those around him. My heart expanded for others as I thought about how these stories apply to those in my life AND put these principles into action. I promise, you’ll laugh and cry in the same paragraph reading his astounding stories working with gang members in L.A.. Just try and put this down unchanged. I dare you.

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The Coach Model

by Keith Webb

Hate surface conversations? Me too. This is an essential read for anyone who loves learning to connect deeper with people. This book enabled me to explore how I can love better through listening & asking questions. Honestly, I already thought I was good at those two skills, but this book highlighted so many new revelations for me! It invited me to ask questions with impact that propel others into purpose.

The methods described in this book also inspired me to get certified with Keith Webb and become a coach! I’ve used the COACH method with clients since the beginning and seen how leading this process brings clarity and hope to their lives!

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Dare to lead

by Brene Brown

A must read for anyone who influences. Hint hint, that’s YOU! Dare to Lead draws from years of studying shame and how it shows up in our leadership to create significant barriers to connection. This book compelled me to immediately practice what I was learning with my team. I found myself in this book in the best and worst ways. It revealed my blindspots and set vision for how to get past them with humility and vulnerability!

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Get Out of Your Head

by Jennie Allen

Jennie writes from her experience of being stuck and we get to glean from her journey to freedom. The process outlined in this book fosters compassion for self as you take courageous steps to identify thought patterns that keep you trapped in fear and anxiety. I’ve practiced this method and it really does work if you’re willing to put in the work. Read it, try it, repeat!

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The Praying life

by Paul E. Miller

Multiple lines from this book still consistently run through my head. This book helped me to reshape the way I pray. Growing up in church, I learned that praying was something I should do. But this book allowed me to unlearn that line of thinking, so that I could enter into intimacy through prayer with a God who knows me and desires to be known by me. Break out of the mold with this one!

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Learning to cultivate deeper relationships is a skill, which means it can be learned! With dedication to self-compassion, growth and persistence you’re on the right track!

Ready to dive into tailored strategies that consider your personality and individual way of connecting? 
You can work through your own story, but sitting with someone else empowers you to see your story from new lenses and find fresh personal insight. If you’re ready to get unstuck and gain momentum in your healing journey, book your first session today!

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